Here is a painting that I thought I had completed about ten years ago.

I was so pleased with it that I showed it to an art professor! 

I asked for a critique and I got one!  

Not quite the critique that I had hoped for, but it was an honest one. After I patched up my ego, I thought about the aspect of which he thought needed a little improvement. I never forgot that critique and it stayed with me.  I was remended of it every time I looked at my painting.

Incredibly, it took me eight years before I summoned up the courage to tackle that 60 x 48 inch canvas to make the suggested improvement. I was so worried that I would ruin a painting that I was so pleased with.

Eventually, I plucked up the courage to make the amendments and now, I’m glad I took the chance.


The Lemon tree brings together some of my passions and favorite elements. The palette is all about how I imagine Tuscany with warm, earthy, faded and mellow hues.



Lemon Tree is an original oil on canvas and is also available in a variety of print formats (including greeting cards) click here


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