I’m a self-taught artist. I live in California but I was born in Devon (which is in the south-west of England).  The breadth of natural beauty in Devon greatly inspired my earliest childhood drawings and paintings. I still consider Devon to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Its a place that boasts two unique coastlines. The dramatic and rugged north coast contrasts with the softer southern coast of sandy beaches and coves. Growing up in Devon very much influenced me as I developed a true appreciation for nature and a love of all things beautiful.  Between the two coastlines is a wild open area known as Dartmoor. There are so  many myths and legends attached to this area.  I have so many stories that I’ll share in my future blogs.

My life is filled with passions. I never get bored. My love for art, music, food, gardens, ocean, design, architecture, poetry, humor, style, photography, nature, gems, cooking, wine, old movies, wildlife, trees, flowers and hiking have no bounds. All of these and many more interests find their way onto my canvases.

I’m influenced by music. I listen to it while I paint. Sometimes I find that my brush strokes are related to the style of music that I’m listening to. Often it is a passage of music that can inspire my next subject.

I famous artist once wrote that he closes his eyes to see. I definitely understand how it feels to formulate images when my eyes are closed.

Artists who have been inspirational to me are numerous, but Alphonse Mucha was the first one. I’m also an admirer of Svetlana Valueva and Felix Mas to name just two. 

I started this blog to share inspirational ideas and stories behind the canvas.

I hope you enjoy, share and contribute.

Michael Rock.


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