20 IDEAS TO STIR CREATIVE JUICES.



1. Recall and write down your dreams.


2. Hike through a forest, walk through fields of wildflowers in the spring time or visit the ocean, tide pools or beach comb.


3. Reading formulates and evokes all kinds of mental images, so write down your feelings and ideas.


4. Music. My personal favorites are choral and classical. I’ve closed my eyes while listening to fantasias and formed images to paint. ‘Comet Dreamer Voyage’ was inspired from a fantasia!


5. Poetry. A well-crafted poem can awaken memories and inspire mental images from a refreshing and new perspective. I’m a fan of Garrison Keillor’s writer’s almanac.


6. Movies. I watch old classic movies and foreign films. I find lots of inspiration from the lighting, compositions, themes, fashions, architecture and scenery.


7. Cookbooks have helped me formulate ideas from the photographs they contain.


8. Myths and Legends are a particular fascination for me and they have inspired many creative ideas.


9. Experiment with a new medium. Try a new style. Develop a unique look.


10. Travel. Take a new unexplored path and see a new vista. I find walking somewhere peaceful, like a nature trail, beach, forest, gardens or mountains can re-charge me. If you have a camera, shoot from unusual perspectives. Shoot out of focus, shoot while walking creating blur. If you’re a photo shop wizard, upload your shots and play with all the creative tools. When you create something, save it and paint from what you see.


11. Take macro shots to discover hidden textures and details.


12. Find new color combinations in nature. e.g. the outer skin of an eggplant perfectly complements the mellow hues of the inner flesh. I often find nature provides great color combinations.


13. Look through interior design books for beautiful color themes.


14. Talk with other artists, join a group of artists.


15. Create and keep a file of appealing elements torn from magazines, photos, sketches and writings. Write down ideas and keep them for future reference. Combine old favorites with newer elements to formulate new artworks.


16. See the world from a different time of the day. I’m not an early riser but one morning I had to be up very early and I spent some free time on the coast. The lighting and angle of the morning sun gave me a new experience. The color of the ocean appeared very different and it awakened a feeling to paint it and the best part…….?  Seeing the dolphins swim close by!


17. Recall fond memories from childhood. Paint through the eyes of a child.


18. Visit some galleries and attend art /craft show.


19. Lay under the stars on a clear night, moon watch.


20. Read about other artist, their quotes, stories and experiences.



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